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Maya Beaver Creek

By popular demand, the Westin and Chef Richard Sandoval have partnered to bring the Chef’s internationally acclaimed, flagship restaurant to Beaver Creek.

Chef Richard Sandoval is the “Father of Modern Mexican Cuisine,” says the Financial Times and The Michelin Guide tags Maya with recent praise declaring, “Maya’s menu reads like a love letter to Mexico”
-Michelin Guide

Maya – Modern Mexican Cuisine & Tequila Bar

Carefully crafted, yet bold flavored. Rooted in tradition, yet adventuring into contemporary tastes. Chef Richard Sandoval blends the earthy flavors of his native Mexico with worldly ingredients and creative cooking techniques to create the Modern Mexican Cuisine at Maya. Our hospitality is warm and Latin. We welcome you to linger over drinks, rediscover Mexican classics – mouth-watering guacamole, tacos with authentic fillings and fresh-made tortillas – and savor the Chef’s signature dishes.

Tequileria Maya

Tequileria is inspired by local Tequilerias in Mexico, where lively conversation is shared over bottles and small plates. Our collection boasts over 100 agave-based spirits. Sip them slowly as the locals would, or drink them in our hand-muddled cocktails. Salud y buen provecho!


The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa
at the base of Beaver Creek Mountain
126 Riverfront Lane
PO Box 5720
Avon, CO 81620-5720
PH 970.790.5500
FX 970.790.5502



Call 970.790.5500
Click to reserve on Open Table



Sundays 10:30AM-2:30PM
$35 includes unlimited small plates
& free flowing brunch cocktails


Sunday 10:30AM-9PM
Monday - Thursday 2:30-9PM
Friday - Saturday 2:30-10PM

*hours change seasonally


Tamale Festival

Offered through May 31st.

TAMALE: From Mayan origin, meaning "wrapped".

A traditional Latin American dish made of stuffed masa wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves, that is steamed or boiled.

Viewed as a comfort food, tamales are enjoyed throughout all parts of the day.

Dating back to 1200 BC, tamales have traditionally been prepared for feasts and celebrations.

Over time, tamales have taken on regional influences, resulting in hundreds of varieties of fillings and wrappings found throughout Latin America.

Inspired by this tradition and a variety of regions throughout

Mexico, we are excited to introduce guests to Maya's Tamale Festival, a celebration of culinary heritage designed by Chef Richard Sandoval.

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Join us at Apres Ski Headquarters!
Daily from 2:30-5:00PM
In the bar & lounge area 

$2 Tacos | $5 Margaritas | $4 Bites
handcrafted tacos from our comal



Sundays | 10:30 AM-2:30 PM

Unlimited Mexican Small Plates & Free Flowing Brunch Cocktails

$35 per guest

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Tableside Guacamole- YES, we make it fresh at your table.  Salud y buen provecho!


Yes! It's complimentary when you dine at Maya! So pick a designated driver and come on over... (We'll hook up the dd next time around!))

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Chef Richard Sandoval's internationally acclaimed restaurants push Latin flavors to new limits.  From modern Mexican cooking to coastal Mexican cuisine to Latin-Asian innovations, there is a dining experience for every taste.

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